Hunkering down….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house (very close together) in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very hot – 95.  Full sun

Some nights, when it cools off during the night, we leave our windows open.  It is neat to hear the coyotes baying in the distance.  Then, the birds give us a wonderful wake-up song around 7:00.  This morning, all of that was accompanied by the sound of the Border Patrol helicopter right above our house.  It hovered there for about 30 minutes.  Later, I heard that a young woman and child (illegals) were dashing through our village, and were caught.  This is such a sad situation. 

A friend had arranged for an outdoor yoga class in the mid-morning.  There were just a few of us, and we kept a significant distance between each other.  Before Coronavirus, the teacher used to rub a tiny bit of essential oils on our foreheads as we relaxed at the end of the class.  Today, she had us hold out our hands, and she poured a drop onto our hands, so she wouldn’t touch us.  Very responsible

Then, one other lady and I had the pool to ourselves and did an informal water aerobics class. This was followed by our scheduled class at noon.  We were about 6 in the pool. 

Then, I got home and logged onto the internet. My life changed.  There was a notice that the swimming pool is closed effective immediately.  Many of us are so angry, as we have been so careful to be compliant with the 10-person max rule.  One woman even said her doctor had recommended physical therapy in the pool, and told her that the combination of chlorine and sun would be helpful. 

Now, I have to figure out what to do all day.  Being a Northerner, I cannot walk when it is above 75 degrees, so I will have to do my hikes before sunrise.  I don’t know how I will fill the days.   Books and internet, I guess. 

I know I am whining, and in more rational moments, realize how lucky we are — safe and at least we can be outside in the early mornings and late evenings to get fresh air.  I pity those cooped up in small apartments with children. 

We are now stuck here, with mandates that we cannot travel.  Also, most RV parks and campgrounds are not accepting new campers.  We will just wait and see.

We are enjoying the oleanders that we planted in the back.  This one has different blossoms on different parts of the plant.

I made tabbouli for dinner to use up some of my mint.  It and the basil are liking this sun…

DINNER:  A Middle-East theme:  pitas stuffed with chicken and sauteed onions, flavored with tumeric, curry, and cumin.  Side was a mix of minced cucumber in Greek yogurt, and the tabbouli.

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