Yoga – BC and Now

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  A very light mist all day long.  Cool in the AM.  High 75

I try to look forward to at least one thing per day.  Today was yoga.  I have always wanted to try it, but never was in the right place at the right time.  Here in Retama, I have found my chance.  A group of ladies here started a chair yoga class.  It is designed for people who cannot do the floor work-due to knee replacements, etc.  We follow a series of classes on 6 DVDs.  It is fairly mild, but provides a good stretch – 4 times a week, promptly at 8:30.  That was life BC (Before Coronavirus). 

In addition to the chair yoga, one resident arranged for a professional yoga instructor to come to our clubhouse once a week and lead a fairly rigorous one-hour class.  The instructor is very good.  We do our “practice” in the billiards room in the clubhouse.  Usually, there are are about 10 people participating.  Again, that was life BC.

Improvise is the new mantra these days.  Chair yoga is out, although I have watched the class on YouTube in the house (but very aggravating due to commercials and buffering due to weak wifi).  However, our floor mat yoga instructor is willing to teach us online via the Zoom app.  There are only 3-4 of us left who are interested.  One resident measured off places in her driveway for us to lay our mats – 6+ feet apart, of course.  The driveway is covered, providing nice shade.  We changed the day of the week for the class so our instructor’s voice on the computer would not have to compete with lawn mowing noise.  Here we are getting ready….

Our city has issued a ruling that everyone has to wear face masks at all times.  It is unclear whether that means anywhere outside of your house or just out in the city.  Most people have interpreted it conservatively so you see people walking their dogs and riding bikes in our neighborhood with the masks on.  Feeling a bit socially pressured, we wore them today for yoga, making for a sweaty, hot air-breathing experience.

When I need more yoga, I go to my “yoga studio” in the Airstream.  I watch one of the DVDs I bought on the TV in the dining/kitchen area.  Tight squeeze!

After being lazy all weekend (cozied up with books), I did much better today.   After the yoga class, I did two water aerobics sessions.  I almost didn’t go to water aerobics as it was misting, but thought  – what the heck – I will get wet anyway!  One other couple joined me. 

I don’t usually talk too much about lunches, but I fix something for George everyday.  Since water aerobics is from 11:00 – 1:30, I am not around to prepare it.  So, I fix something ahead of time, and leave him love notes with instructions on its preparation.  I try not to rely on sandwiches, but re-do some leftovers into something interesting.  Today I made tahini/sweet potato soup. 

I have a big bottle of tahini that I use to make hummus.  I whip up hummus easily when friends stop by.  It is a good fall-back when the snack supplies are otherwise nonexistent.  Of course that was BC, when people would stop by.  So I was looking for other ways to use up tahini and found this recipe online.  We also had some sweet potatoes to use up.  Here are the ingredients…

It is pretty easy to make.  The only modification I made was to blend it up right before serving with the immersion blender.  The immersion blender often comes in very handy, and it is one of the few  kitchen tools I take with me when we are on the road in our Airstream.  It doesn’t take up much room.  In the summer, I use it to make cold soups.  Here are the tahini/sweet potato soup instructions…

The crispy garbanzo beans make it interesting and add nice texture and flavor.  I refrigerated the leftovers, and George will find it again on one of his lunch “love notes” later this week.

George got busy with the floor tile grout cleaning project.  Each day he will do a small section, as kneeling on the hard floor is hard on the knees.  He is scraping off the crud, washing the grout with soap and water, and then applying two coats of sealer.  Good man!

DINNER:  BBQ’d chicken legs, two of the seemingly hundreds that are now stored in the freezer.  Side was cauliflower with a cheese sauce. 

BOOKS:  I finished a heart-warming book by Alexander McCall Smith, the author of the popular #1 Lady Detective series, set in Botswana. Now back in his Edinburgh, Scotland home, he writes a daily column in the Edinburgh newspaper called 44 Scotland Street. These columns, following the fictitious lives of its residents, have been compiled into a series of absolutely delightful books. I finished one of them today – “Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers”. I read it slowly in order to savor his beautiful use of the English language, with some Scottish phrases tucked in. 5+ stars, out of 5, in my book.

One thought on “Yoga – BC and Now

  1. Jean Pool

    Karmen, in spite of COVID-19 it looks as though you and George are doing quite well! I’m curious about the tile floor project…you guessed it I need to tackle my bathroom floor!! In your blog you mentioned scraping off the crud. Are you using some type of “crud remover” to assist in the scraping process? And would you mind sharing name of the sealer you are planning to apply? I have been putting this project off for sometime and unlike you my “good man” says no thanks honey so it looks as though I’m on my own! 🙂


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