Wishful thinking?…….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Surprisingly cool.  High 70

Taking advantage of the cool weather, I took a long walk around the neighborhood.  I didn’t see many people, but those that I did see were strangely wrapped up in jackets. George was huddled up in one, too. Me? shorts, t-shirt, and a happy face.

Water aerobics was called off, due to the cool weather (at swim time, it was still in the low 60s).  So, instead, a few of us got together for lunch – keeping our social distance.  We ordered out from a local restaurant and picked up the food.  It was nice chatting with these ladies.  We all said “You look nice in clothes” as we only see each other in our swimsuits, wet hair, and sun hats.

George finished his floor tile grouting project.  Now I need to wash the baseboards.  Ugh!

Then, he moved on to a new project.  He washed behind the rock guards on the Airstream.  These guards protect the Airstream from flying rocks when we are on the highway, and get dirty underneath.

While he was doing that, I spent the hour doing “wishful thinking”.  I researched excursion options at each port during our planned trip around Greece, Israel, and Turkey.  Here is our itinerary…..

I compared the ship’s options to other options online – prices and offerings.  It was quite the job!  The trip looks so interesting, and mostly includes places we have never visited, although George did some archaeological work in Israel when in college. 

We are still hoping that we can do this.  It is scheduled for the end of October.  Who knows at this point?

DINNER:  A few weeks ago while shopping (in an unsupervised moment), George bought a HUGE bag of chicken leg quarters.  25 pounds or more.  They seem to be multiplying in the freezer so I needed to cook some up.  I did an old-fashioned chicken roast – baking the chicken in a cast iron pot with potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, and sweet potatoes.  George liked it a lot, but I thought it was kind of blah.

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