A Day Just Bursting with Excitement….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Light rain in AM; cloudy and really muggy in PM.  High 80

Today was full of several exciting events.  Be still my beating heart!  Just not used to this pace…

As normal, one of the first things we do right after getting up is to turn on George’s phone.  It is our lifeline to the world…..he has internet on it  that we use as a WiFi hotspot for our other devices.  Today it just wouldn’t turn on.  Dead to the world.  He played around with it for awhile, then assumed it had just died of old age.  He went to town on a mission to either buy a new one or see if this one could be repaired.  He had a hard time finding any phone shop open.  They had signs on the door saying to go online to find the nearest store.  Huh?  How do you do that if your phone isn’t working?  Finally he spotted one, not our brand, but thought they might look at it.  Presto.  Voila!  He had just accidentally turned off the power!  Quick fix, and now we know….

While he was out doing all of that, I made an egg bake and delivered it to the home of my line dancing teacher here in Retama who fell right before the Coronavirus pandemic.  She broke her hip and elbow when she fell down hard on the cement floor while teaching us a new line-dancing step   After surgery and several weeks of hospitalization, she is now home and mending.  We chatted – she far away in the living room, and I at the doorstep with my mask donned.

Two rattlesnake sightings have occurred in the last two days, one of them across the street from us.  We have a guy in the neighborhood that answers residents’ frantic calls when they see a snake or other critter.  He has cages and equipment to carry them away. 

I efficiently did 2 loads of laundry at the community laundry during water aerobics.  Wash load during one class; dryer in second class.  This freed up my afternoon for………nothing!

While I did nothing in the afternoon, George washed all the windows on the outside and the screens.  Wow – what a difference!  Good man!

The highlight of our day was a video chat with our daughter and her boyfriend.  We had a virtual happy hour  – with beer and a wine she had bought at a animal shelter fund-raiser.   We had technical problems with Skype so converted to Zoom.  It seemed to work better.  Here they are – a photo taken a few years ago.

DINNER:  A nod to Mexico tonight…..When George grilled the other night, I had him grill a piece of fajita meat that we had bought in a local Mexican meat market.  I sliced the meat very thin and heated it up with sauteed onions and red beans.  I added a lot of spices – cumin, chili powder, and red pepper flakes – we like it picante!  Served with yellow rice (the kind you buy in little packets, as I cannot find any regular rice in the stores).  Side was an arugula salad (my favorite green) and some ripe tomatoes. 

BOOK:  I finished up “The Body: A Guide for Occupants” by Bill Bryson.  It is a non-fiction account of our bodies, and medical history, written in a light-hearted tone.  Even though he wrote it about 2 years ago, it is extremely relevant to our pandemic today.  5 stars out of 5.  I have been a fan of Bryson for many years, and feel like we have a lot in common. We were both born in Iowa in 1951 — now you know how old I am!!!  We both went to Europe while in college – he to England while I went to Spain.  He has lived most of his life in England since.  Our last housesit in Hampshire, England was just a few miles from his house.  His early books were about his travel adventures – so funny – the kind that make you burst out laughing while reading.  He writes very well and does a huge amount of research, especially in this latest book.  Highly recommend. 

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