More departures…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Not as hot.  Sunny.  High 85

Our dear neighbors next door, Michele and Dan, hit the road for Nebraska this morning. 

We will miss them AND their sweet dog Sebastian.

Now, all of our immediate neighbors are gone.  It seems eerily quiet and somewhat forlorn.

While I was at water aerobics, I saw an Airstream pull-up next to the clubhouse.  I was confused…..where was George going…..without me???  Turns out that it was another Retama Village resident who owns an Airstream, also heading out today – for Minnesota. 

One of the joys of camping is meeting new people.  I have often mentioned Tony and Jenny in Nova Scotia.  We met another couple, Daniel and Minnie, from San Francisco while camping at one of our favorite Texas state parks – Seminole Canyon.  They often joke about  being one of the only Chinese couples you see camping.  This is true….Asians don’t seem to enjoy the RV life.  This Facebook memory popped up today.  It was the same trip as with Tony and Jenny in Belgium that I posted yesterday.  Daniel and Minnie were just passing through Brussels while we were there  (they had rented a campervan to travel around Europe) and we met for a Belgium beer.

The highlight of our day was a happy hour Zoom call with our friend Heather from Michigan.  She had been on an Antarctic cruise in February (without wifi) and when the cruise ship docked back in Argentina, she learned that our world had turned upside down.  She had to curtail her trip in order to zip back home. Here she is on her cruise…

DINNER:  A trip to India tonight…..The other day, I dug out one of the millions (they DO seem to be multiplying) of chicken leg packets in the freezer.  I baked it partially in the oven, then had George finish it off on the grill to crisp it up.  I added that chicken to this Indian lentil sauce along with some diced onions.  When I went grocery shopping last, the shelves were mostly empty with only some some random, odd items left.  I spotted this lonely packet on a shelf and thought I would try it.  Quite good, actually!

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