Baby steps…..

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Summer continues…..High 90 and sunny

Today, the Texas governor lifted the “shelter in place” rule.  Some people went out to eat and/or went shopping at “non-essential” stores that opened up.  We are not changing our habits for now — will stay at home most of the time, avoid restaurants, and wear masks when we go grocery-shopping (our only real outing).  We will take “baby steps” and see how things evolve. We have a “pandemic” bowl where I keep the masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes.  Adds to the decor,  don’t you think?

We sipped our coffee outside again this morning.  The sky is really blue.  We have a lot of these grackle birds – not very attractive, but they make unusual noises.  This guy likes our TV antenna…

Later in the day, we saw this plume of smoke coming out of nearby Mexico.  Our Retama Village Facebook group page buzzed wondering what it was. Some thought it was garbage burning, which they often do across the border.  Burning plastic is an unpleasant smell.  Others thought it was the farmers burning their sugar cane, which is part of the annual harvesting.  The burning cane does not stink but it leaves a fine, black ash all over the place.  Someone found out today’s culprit – a factory right across the border caught fire.

Facebook popped up another memory today.  This was from Colorado 5 years ago.  We found a sweet town called Delores with a little RV park right in town. 

They had a beautiful, cozy library with a log fire going in the fireplace (nice on a few rainy, cool days we experienced there).  But the frosting on the cake was a great, friendly microbrewery that we could walk to that served delicious wood-fire pizzas.  Notice the animal heads on the walls…

We have a routine established, now that I swim in the mornings.  While I am at water aerobics, George bikes down to the Airstream to do his exercise routine inside.  Then, he bikes over to the state park across the street  (which has now been re-opened) and bikes around it.  This is called a Resaca- like a flood  plain with the Rio Grande River overflow.  He sees a lot of coyote poop, different birds, and javelinas. 

We had another driveway birthday party this evening.  This is our third in Retama.  The first guy had a cooler with beers to grab.  Ours, the second one, served wine (BYO Glass), and this one served wine coolers and Texas beers.  People stood around in the street or pulled up on their golf carts.  Nice to chat with people. 

DINNER:  Risotto with Andouille sausages.  I pulled the sausages out of the freezer, left from a jambalaya recipe I had made previously.  They went well with the risotto.  Side was stir-fried broccoli, mushrooms, and onions.  I am pretty much out of fresh veg so resorted to frozen broccoli and canned mushrooms. We will go shopping next week.

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