10th Lock-down Sunday

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot and humid.  High 95

Yesterday started out with a BANG of thunder;  today started out with the WHOP WHOP WHOP of helicopters. About 6:30 AM, Border Patrol helicopters spotted  some illegals around our neighborhood.  Their helicopters were very low and noisy….. 

Then, about  10 Border Patrol vehicles came whizzing by our house.  Later we learned that they caught 12 illegals between our village and the highway.  This happens quite a bit.  We never feel scared, as these folks are dirt poor, scraggly, empty-handed, and just trying to get North as fast as they can.  Such a sad situation. 

George took over the kitchen, making a tasty omelette from leftover veg and potatoes, and his famous Sunday grits – while I watched CBS Sunday Morning.

It seems like I wash dishes a lot.  This is because we have very little counterspace to place the dishes, have no dishwasher, and we only have one set of dishes, glassware, pans, etc.  I wash dishes at least 3 times per day.  Today, George kindly washed up.  He asked me to take a photo of him virtuously washing the dishes for the blog….men are so funny….

This photo popped up on my Facebook memories.  It is also the background photo of this blog.  It was taken 4 years ago when we were at the Great Barrier Reef in northern Australia.  We took a sunset catamaran cruise the evening before our snorkeling trip the following day.   What great memories! 

George spent the afternoon watching  old golf tournaments in the Airstream.  It must have been a sauna inside.  I stayed in air-conditioned comfort and read an entire book.

DINNER:  A very pleasant suprise.  The cupboard and refrigerator are getting bare, so I put together what I could find:  pasta, artichoke hearts, cream cheese, mozarella cheese, and leftover ham from Easter dinner.  I sauted some onions and garlic, then made a roux.  With that, I made a cheese sauce with the cream cheese and added diced ham. Meanwhile, I boiled the pasta.  Then, I put it all together with mozarella slices and bread crumbs on top and baked it.   Quite tasty!

Tonight was my very favorite TV show on public TV – the BBC show Call the Midwife.  Sadly, tonight’s episode was the last of the season.  I wonder if they will continue to show reruns.  This is the cover of the book from which the TV show was created.

When we were housesitting one year in England, we tried to visit the villages where many of our BBC favorites were filmed.  We found the town where they filmed some of the scenes from Call the Midwife, and I pretended that I was one of the nurses….

BOOK:. “Miss Julia Lays Down The Law” by Ann B Ross.  A kind of silly, light-hearted book about a sophisticated southern lady in North Carolina who always gets herself in trouble.  It is part of a series.  3 stars out of 5.

I have two new online books to get cracking on! 

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