Traveling dreams…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot and sunny.  High 95

It was a pretty quiet Monday – back in the routine of morning exercise and water aerobics classes. 

I am happy to see these Facebook memories pop up as reminders of our traveling days.  This one popped up today from 2 years ago.  We were doing a housesitting assignment in southwestern England, near the Wales border.  It was a lovely spot.  We took care of two cute little dogs and enjoyed sitting outside around the homeowners’ pond.

And, another memory popped up – this one from last year.  It was taken at the Guadalajara, Mexico airport as we were flying home after an assignment.  The sign was an advertisement for a hospital in Guadalajara saying that it had just affiliated with Mayo Clinic, “the World’s Best Hospital”.  I have friends who work in this section of Mayo – coordinating affiliations with hospitals around the world.  I wonder how this pandemic is affecting the future of that initiative.

We continue to ponder upcoming travel.  Today, I received an email from Norwegian cruise line saying that for now, at least, our cruise in late October is still on.  They assured us of their cancellation policy.  Essentially, we can get a full refund if either we or they cancel.  Reassuring, but it doesn’t help with our planning.

DINNER:  We are down to 5 shrimp and 2 small scallops!  First I made a tiny shrimp cocktail for appetizers.  Then, I sauted the scallops after coating them with some grits – made a nice crust.  Then, to bulk up the dinner, I made a parmesan risotto.  I threw in the rest of the artichoke hearts, flavoring it with  the mushroom broth from the water that had hydrated the morel mushrooms last week.  It gave it a very nice flavor.  Tomorrow will be a much-needed trip to the grocery store!

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