Baby steps back to BC (Before Coronavirus)

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very hot – 105 and sunny

Early this morning the workers started clearing the lot behind us.  We watched the bulldozer grade the lot

By afternoon, they had finished their work and a truck hauled away the extra dirt.  It is amazing how quickly this is going.  It will be interesting to watch the progress of the new coach house.   We will probably need to prepare for a lot of dust around us. 

The village’s exercise and craft room opened up today, with quite strict restrictions.  We tried chair yoga.  Three of us were spaced out carefully in a fairly large room.  We wore masks.  The masks plus the lack of air conditioning resulted in “hot yoga”!  We were really sweating! ….But, happy to get back to it.

This memory popped up in Facebook today.  Four years ago, we snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef in NE Australia.  It was a supurb experience – a  checkmark on my bucket list!

The highlight of the day was a visit to our favorite restaurant in the Valley.  It is called Loretto’s Bistro.  We went with the friends who might go on the Mediterranean cruise with us.  It is a small family business, and they need customers.  We went for happy hour when wine was half off.  There was only one other table occupied and the waiters were masked up.  Tablecloths had been removed and everything was wiped down carefully. Complimentary Lysol wipes to welcome us.  We shared a beautiful cheese platter.

Our friends know the owner who happened to be there.  He joined us and ordered us a complimentary fruit plate for the rest of our wine.

We had a great conversation and enjoyed the outing very much.

DINNER:  Our neighbors were having a going-away party for some other neighbors who are taking off for Iowa, then Montana.  We just dropped in quickly for a burger as it was very hot. 

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