Things are heating up….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot – 100 and sunny

It is so hot that my herbs in flower pots burned up.  Summer is definitely here!  Time to move on!

The construction workers returned this morning to finish laying the batterboards for the concrete.  It was a real fiesta – as they were working, they were laughing with each other, in Spanish of course, and had loud Mexican music blaring, and children chasing each other around.  I love it!

After water aerobics classes, I took photos of some of the areas around the swimming pool that need attention – like cracking pavement, areas in need of power-washing, etc.  I spent the afternoon submitting the issues online to Retama Village’s property management company.  I hope something good happens from my work.

It is official…..Our 2020 Canal du Midi boat trip has been canceled and rescheduled for September, 2021.   I guess it was inevitable. 

We will be bringing the Airstream back to our driveway in a few days to start packing it up, but meanwhile today I began various packing and to-do lists.  We are getting closer!

DINNER:  Leftover gourmet macaroni and cheese with ham chunks.  I jazzed it up with a Parmesan cracker crust.  Really tasty.  Probably very fattening as well…..  Side was mixed vegetables. 

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