Biting the bullet…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village, in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  HOT – 98.  Sunny

Yes, I bit the bullet.  I cancelled our cruise around the Mediterranean and our flights to Europe at the end of September.  As it stands today, Greece and other countries on our cruise itinerary won’t allow Americans in.  We are lumped in with third world countries whose Covid 19 deaths are the highest.  Shameful.  I got a refund on the cruise itself, and credits on the flights. 

We had bursts of activity today.  First up, we received 6 bottles of wine from a wine club that George joined.  We are anxious to try them.

Included in our HOA fees is landscaping service.  Residents here complain A LOT about the way the crew mow and trim.  We have been pretty pleased, although we don’t have a very large yard or many shrubs to mow around.  Today they were finally able to mow.  It had been too wet to mow earlier in the week, so the grass and weeds were very high.  I took this “before” photo of our neighbor’s calla lily bush dwarfed by tall grass.

George watched while the crew came through.  He observed the crewman mowing our neighbor’s yard.  Then, the man, using his own initiative, got off his lawnmower, got on his hands and knees, removed the decorative bricks around the lily plant, hand-pulled the weeds, and then replaced the bricks.  Here is the “after” photo. 

I wrote a note to the property management company praising the landscaping service today.  I’m afraid all they get are complaints.

One of our friends just moved within Retama Village (this happens a lot) from a port home to a regular house.  George is helping him lay a brick walkway.

We went out to dinner with our neighbors, as we won’t be seeing them for awhile.  It was the first time we have been out to dinner in about 5 months!  George and I shared an appetizer of ceviche, and a sea bass entree.  We were happy to support this small local business.  The owner said things have been rough.  They took a lot of precautions…the waiter wore a mask; the tables were covered with butcher paper instead of cloth tablecloths; tables were set far apart; hand sanitizers were offered upon entry; and salt and pepper came in little paper packets. 

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