Departure excitement mounts!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Retama Village (but not for long!)  in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Less humidity so it was more bearable.  High 98

The excitement mounts!  George brought the Airstream back to our house so we can start preparing for the trip.  Great news:  The refrigerator is working perfectly! 

Here is Joy (the Airstream) back in our driveway.  We have the awnings up to protect her from the sun and the A/C on to help the refrigerator.  Who cares about electricity bills!  Ha!

In the afternoon, we ran errands.  George bought some hedge clippers at Home Depot.  I waited in the car.  Somehow he came out with a circular saw as well.  I don’t know what he plans to do with that.  It is dangerous to let him go shopping alone!!! .  Then to Best Buy.  I stayed in the car again.  I feel like if it is not necessary to go into a store, it is not worth exposing myself to Covid-19.  He bought a computer fan to put in the Airstream refrigerator to give it an extra boost. 

Then, on to the supermarket.  I guess they have lifted the mask requirement.  We wore ours, and I would guess that about 90% of the customers were wearing them.  All staff had them on.  We bought a lot of stuff – mostly canned goods for my “pantry” that sits in the back seat of the pick-up as we travel.  George pointed out that usually the clerk asks:  “Did you find everything?”  But, since we had so much in our cart, she didn’t ask us this usual question.  It was obvious that we found a lot!

We had a lovely surprise awaiting us when we returned – a package from Galway, Ireland.  When our daughter was visiting there last February (pre-coronavirus), she visited an aquaculture enterprise where they are farming abalone and seaweed.  She asked the owner to send me a gift package.  It includes all sorts of interesting food items with like kelp, carrageen moss, seaweed seasoning and dillisk – all seaweed products.  And, a facial seaweed mask, divine-smelling soaps, and a bath soak potion.  It will be fun to check it all out!

How hot is it?  As an example – I have to refrigerate our garbage such as shrimp shells as they get too smelly if I put them in the outdoor garbage bins.  And, the last time I did laundry, the detergent pods melted from sitting in the car too long!  And now, packing up, I cannot put things in the truck too soon, as they will get too hot – like DVDs and CDs. 

George grilled for the last time.  It is so hard to buy small amounts of meat in our supermarket.  Everything seems to come in “family packs”.  I only needed one chicken thigh for tonight’s dinner,  but had to buy a package of 8.  I had George cook them all up and I froze what I didn’t need for tonight.   Before grilling the chicken, I marinated them in leftover kalamata olive brine.  Don’t throw that away!  It makes a great brine!  While George was grilling, I had him grill some sausage for tomorrow.

DINNER:  Naan with feta, grilled chicken, and kalamata olives.  Side was caprese salad.  I have replanted my basil from the pot to the ground, so it will get watered by our irrigation system while we are gone.  So far, it is happier there. 

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