Lovin’ the Cowboy Capital of the World!

LOCATION:  2nd night in Bandera, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Pioneer RV
WEATHER:  Scattered showers, then sun.  High 90

It is nice and quiet here, so we slept well, our first night on the road.   The A/C did a nice job and we kept cool. 

We took a stroll in the city park which is right next to the RV park.  It is a huge city park that follows the river.

We met some “friends” that wanted to check us out…

There is a cute, old-fashioned “motel” with cabins next to the river. I think Bandera gets very busy with tourists when they have rodeos and other horse events.

As soon as we got back to Joy, (the Airstream), the skies opened up.  It poured off and on for a few hours.  A huge mud puddle was created in front of us.

While it was raining, we did some reading, and I finished a very good book.  After the rain stopped, we checked out the swimming pool.  We had the whole, big pool to ourselves.  I did some of my water aerobics routines for exercise. 

DINNER:  We walked up to town and ate at a nice restaurant, one of the oldest in town.  We shared some chicken wings, their nightly special, then George had some pasta in lemon/caper sauce.  All quite nice.  Normally, Bandera is full of tourists, but it seems pretty empty.  Most of the people at the restaurant seemed local, with the men wearing their big cowboy hats. 

On our way home, we stopped by the 11th Street Bar, a real cowboy bar which is a famous tourist spot here.  There was a small band playing, but it was pretty quiet.

BOOK:  “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris.  A true story about the lives of a young man and woman in the concentration camp.  5 stars out of 5

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