Checking out Abilene

LOCATION:  2nd night in Abilene, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Abilene State Park
WEATHER:  Beautiful early morning, then hot by the afternoon

The first thing we did when we woke up was to check to make sure the pick-up would turn over, and happily it did.  Yay!

The morning’s cool breeze (around 65) was delicious.  We sat at the picnic table and had our morning coffee and some fresh pineapple. 

Then, we drove around the campground, checking out other campsites and picnic areas.  There are 90 campsites, and only about 20 are occupied.  There are more deer here than people!  The camp host lives in this cute little Airstream…

The campground is located near Lake Abilene, so we checked it out.  Not very appealing….

George went on a hike on a trail while I did yoga watching a DVD.  (It was too hot for me to hike.)  He saw this beautiful flower on the trail…

We went in to Abilene, a city of 120,000 about 30 miles away.  There are a lot of churches here!  The downtown has mostly been abandoned, except for some huge churches and government offices.  We did find the old, restored Paramount Theatre which continues to thrive…

We had lunch at a pizza place with some interesting beers.  We were disappointed that they didn’t have wifi, so we later sat in a McDonald’s parking lot to use theirs. 

We had a quiet afternoon, reading and watching some MeTV – the oldies channel. 

It rained really hard for about an hour, with a bit of hail.  Luckily the hail was not big enough to cause any damage. 

DINNER:  Leftover lentil curry with kale, over rice.    Side was salad, and Middle Eastern-style yogurt — Greek yogurt flavored with cumin and turmeric.  The freezer and refrigerator are slowly getting less crowded. 

BOOK:  “Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman” by Elizabeth Buchan.  As the title  implies, this is the story of a woman whose husband leaves her for a younger woman, who perseveres.  Pretty predictable, but entertaining, because it takes place in England.  4 stars out of 5. 

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