900 miles and we are finally out of Texas!

LOCATION:  Canton, Oklahoma, in north central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Canadian Campground, part of Lake Canton Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Area.  Water and electricity.  Dump station.  Long, level, gravelled site with picnic table, fire pit, and stand-up grill.  Decent, not great, bathrooms.  $12/night with Senior Pass.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Rain to start, then mostly sunny.  High 90. 
DRIVE:  Easy 5 hours with some detours

We got an early start in Wichita Falls, as the sky was looking very dark, and we didn’t want to be out in the rain preparing to take off.  We said a last good-bye to this park, which has some kitchy decor….

After about an hour’s drive, we crossed in to Oklahoma. 

Our first stop was Fort Sill in Lawton.  George’s father was stationed here at this big Army base for basic training.  The family joined him here when George was about 8 years old.  After about 6 months, they all went to Japan where his father was a physician in an Army hospital taking care of Korean War soldiers. 

The landscape here is mostly prairie.  Then, strangely enough, a small mountain range appears out of nowhere.  It is called the Wichita Mountains.

On our way there, we drove through a little village that proclaims to be the “cutest cobblestone town in Oklahoma”.  All of the houses are built with cobblestones.  Very strange. 

George remembers coming out to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge as a kid.  They fished and picnicked here as a family. 

In the refuge is a religious attraction made up of rocks.  It hosts a big Easter pageant annually.  Someone worked hard on building this…

As we drove around, we did see free-range bison (buffalo) and long-horn cattle.  This long-horn kindly mosied off the road as we approached….

The scenery was really pretty, and we had to remind ourselves that we are in Oklahoma

The town of Canton was having a festival.  BBQ, funnel cake, and hot dog stands lined the streets, along with people selling local crafts.  We saw signs for the Walleye Rodeo.  When we got to the park, about 2 miles out of town, the registration clerk told us that this weekend is a huge walleye fishing tournament.  The campground was packed. 

The campground is right on the lake.  Our site isn’t right on the lake, but we can see it from our Airstream.  The weigh-in ceremony for the fishing tournament is tomorrow, so we expect  the campground to clear out then.  (We hope). 

George got a fire going, using the fire starters I had made (toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer lint and coated with Vaseline) and wood George had collected from Retama Village construction sites.  It all worked well!

DINNER:  Shrimp tacos.  I had George grill the shrimp and green onions.  He charred the tortillas for just a minute.   Then, I assembled the tacos adding diced tomatoes, cheese, salsa, and red onion.  Side was red beans and rice. 

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