Walleye Rodeo!

LOCATION:  2nd night in Canton, OK
CAMPGROUND:   Canadian Campground, part of Lake Canton ACOE
WEATHER:  Rain overnight last night; mostly sunny.  High 90. Then….STORM

Even though every campsite is occupied, people were not noisy during the night. 

Before life on the road, when we were working, we longed for the weekends.  Now that we are retired,  we almost dread weekends….campgrounds are full of children frolicking around and their (often) partying parents.  Campgrounds just take on a different vibe on weekends and holidays.

Due to the fishing tournament, every site here is jammed with a boat, RV, and at least 2 pick-up trucks.  The boats vary.  There are ski boats, fishing boats, pontoons, and jet skis.  Toys, toys, toys.  We walked around both of the campground loops, amazed at all the “stuff”.  We are lucky to be in the loop with the shade trees.

We attended the weigh-in ceremony in the afternoon, the culmination of 3 days of fishing.  There are lots of prizes – trophies, fishing gear, and big checks – up to $1000!

First, there were the children’s prizes.  Cute….

Then, prizes for the biggest fish, biggest overall weight, and for biggest fish based on type.  We were surprised that walleyes live this far south;  we thought they were a Northern fish. 

I’m afraid people are not social distancing here at all.  Only one person (the park ranger) was wearing a mask.  People were hugging each other, shaking hands, and standing close to each other.  We tried to keep our distance.

After the weigh-in, people starting leaving.  By late afternoon, the campground was almost deserted.  What a difference!  We have Trump-loving neighbors who are still here.  They are proudly displaying their Trump 2020 flag. 

The wildlife around here is interesting.  There are several prairie dog towns around us and it is fun to watch them run around and then pop down in their holes.  We also saw a roadrunner and turtle.  Here is a little prairie dog….

DINNER:  Seafood pasta and broccoli.  To make the pasta, I sauteed green onion and garlic, then fake crab meat chunks.  Then, I added the juice of one lime and cooked some more.  I added cooked linguine, a dollop of cream cheese, and capers.  The melted cream cheese made a nice creamy sauce.  We paired it with a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc.  I bet we were the only ones drinking a sauvignon blanc in the whole campground…..Based on the cans we see strewn around, most everyone is a Bud Light drinker!

NEWSFLASH:  At about 8:30, there was a loud pounding on our door.  It was the Sherriff warning us of an approaching storm with a possible tornado.  Winds of  60-80 mph were predicted.  We took down the awnings.  Other campers brought in all their “stuff” like grills and toys.  A few of the remaining campers left, leaving us almost the only ones here.  One neighbor told me he was leaving, as he lives only 10 miles from  here, but told me about some restrooms near us that are tornado shelters, if we need them.  Yikes!   At about 10:00, the storm did hit.  Lots of rain and wind, but it was not as severe as they had predicted.  We dodged that bullet!

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