Traveling with Joy…..and wine!

LOCATION:  WaKenney, Kansas – in north central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Shiloh Winery Harvest Host. Lovely setting.  Wine-tasting room, covered patio, wedding/event center, on owners’ farm…..remote – 6 miles on a graveled road.
WEATHER:  Cooler.   High 88.  Very pleasant in evening.
DRIVE:  6 hours, due north

We packed up at Lake Canton and hit the road.  The drive was fairly boring…on secondary roads passing lots of wheat and hay fields.  Hardly any traffic.  We passed several huge feed lots.  George rolled down the window to take this photo, and it took about an hour to get the horrible smell out of the truck afterwards!

We arrived at this winery about 3:00 and the owners were out..  We made ourselves at home, checking out the animals – sheep, cats, and a donkey….


Once the owner arrived, he gave us a wine tasting in a cute building that used to be a chicken coop.

We learned that this is one of the original Harvest Host locations, with the HH company owner living nearby.  After tasting (and buying) some wine, the owner gave us a tour of the farm.  This building, a barn from the 1800s has been converted to a lovely wedding/event center that is quite popular. 

We had the evening to ourselves, with a strong wifi signal and a pleasant breeze blowing through the patio.

We love Harvest Hosts, but I hesitate to use them during the hot summer months, as there usually is no electricity (aka air-conditioning).  However, the evening turned cool and we opened up all the windows and Joy cooled off very nicely.


DINNER:  George grilled chicken in BBQ sauce on our gas grill, along with hash brown potatoes.  Other sides were green beans and a salad.  We ate about 8:30, when it was still quite light out.

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