Almost ran out of gas….again!

Almost ran out of gas!

LOCATION:  Garretson, South Dakota – right outside Sioux Falls
CAMPGROUND:  Palisades State Park.  Nice and shady.  We are right by a stream.  Good bathrooms.  Electricity at site.  Central water.  Dump station in town.  Paved, level sites.  Picnic table and fire ring.  $25/night plus SD Annual pass.
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  Not as hot.  High 88
DRIVE:  3 hours

We piddled around last night’s campground this morning.  George cannot stand still…..he is always working on something.  Here he is tightening a screw on the door….

And later, working on the condensation in the back-up camera…..

We learned that it is bow-and-arrow season for fishing paddlefish here.  This group of young adults were spearing them right in front of our campsite.

We packed up from Campsite #1.  This has been a great campground for us.

We stopped at the dump station which was near the fish-cleaning station.  We watched a girl and her father clean this huge paddlefish which she had speared….

We were low on gas, but thought it would be cheaper once we got to the Interstate.  It was only 40 miles, and we had about that much in our tank left.  Then, with only about 5 miles to go, the road ended with road construction and bridge work.  Detour…..about 20 miles out in the middle of nowhere.   I was really sweating it.  Our gauge no longer read the number of miles left in the tank –  just flashed LOW LOW LOW.  Then, we got to the Interstate.  Hallelulah!  But – no gas at this exit/entrance!!!!  We limped 5 more miles on the Interstate to an exit with gas.  Whew!  That was a close one!

We got set up in this nice state park.  It will be fun to explore.  We drove in to Garretson, a small town where Jesse James hid after robbing a bank in Minnesota.  We checked out one of the wineries nearby…

DINNER:  Panini.  When shopping yesterday, I bought a mini-baguette, so wanted to use it before it hardened.  Just grilled it on my George Foreman grill with deli turkey and cheese.  Side salad. 

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