Beautiful Rochester and Mayo Clinic

CAMPGROUND:  Autumn Woods RV Park
LOCATION:  Rochester, MN
WEATHER:  Hot (93).  Feel like – 103 (with humidity)

Today was healthcare day.  I had an appointment in the Gonda Building, Mayo’s most recent clnic building.  (You, too can get a building named after you…..if you donate enough money)…joining the Hilton Building, Marriott Building, etc.  The Gondas are in the NetJet business)

Mayo does a suberb job with its aethestics.  Flowers, paintings, sculptures veryone.  They also promote music for the soul.  The baby grand paino is often used by patients and staff who strike up a tune.  This is view of flowers from the the Gonda atrium…

Along with this “Statue of Man” between the lobby and 1st floor

And, the stairway is topped with Chichuly glass art

Mayo “won” the designation of the best hospital in the world in 2019,  and has signs around the campus showing this…

Mayo is super super cautious about Covid.  In BC (Before the coronivirus) times, elevators were always packed with patients and visitors.  Now, they are pretty much empty now, with strips marking 6-foot distances.

They say that corn should be “Knee High by the 4th of July”.  This cornfield in front of our RV park, shows that it surpasses that goal.

DINNER”  Leftover steak in a mashed potato sauce. I made some roux, and browned leftover mashed potatoes in garlic and oil.  Served with leftover black aoili from the restaurant’s lunch the other day.  Served with a salad.

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