Winding down in Rochester…

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Autumn Woods RV Park
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 83.  Cool evening/night

We spent the morning doing laundry and I cooked up some meals for our daughter Alexis to have on hand.  We worked to finalize the new logo that Alexis’s boyfriend did for us….

I mentioned yesterday that our neighbor here at the RV park is messy…  It just gets worse.  They did laundry and it is hanging out all over, in addition to their garbage.  They just open their door and throw out empty bottles. 

We will be returning to Rochester for just one night for a follow-up visit at Mayo.  We scoped out a county park where we will try to stay next time. 

Then, in the late afternoon, we went to the home of  one of my former coworkers to enjoy a glass of wine on their deck.  It was so relaxing, and with perfect temperatures. 

From there, we joined Alexis and Graham at my very favorite restaurant in Rochester – The Redwood Room.  A lot of new places have opened up, but this is still the best, in my opinion.  It is in the downstairs of a historic building, and is very cozy.  When we were working, especially in winter,  we would walk there after work on a late Friday afternoon, munch on their complimentary French bread dipped in olive oil and parmesan, sip a beer or wine,  listen to a musician, then walk a few blocks to catch our city bus home.  At that hour of the day, we often were the only bus passengers.  The driver played classical music on the radio, and it seemed like we had our own private limo!  At a bargain price!

For our meals, Alexis had a cauliflower curry; Graham ordered a pizza; and George and I shared a chicken/Andouille sausage cajun rice dish.  All washed down with a Malbec.  A very nice evening out! 

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