Another beautiful Harvest Host stay

LOCATION:  Near Fargo, North Dakota
CAMPGROUND:  Another lovely Harvest Host winery.  Just off I-94.  Beautiful setting.  We are parked in a big gravel parking lot in front of the wine tasting house.  Surrounded by vineyards.  5 stars out of 5! 
WEATHER:  Our coolest day so far.  Low in the upper 50s.  High 73
DRIVE:  2 hours

We awoke to loons singing their songs out on the lake.  We had a leisurely breakfast at my friend’s house, sipping on coffee as we gazed out onto  the lake. 

We took a nice walk and peeped at the other houses that surround the lake.  Almost everyone has huge, fenced-in (for the deer) gardens.  My friend loaded me up with some of her bounty – huge zucchini, zucchini muffins, and home-made pickles. 

As we left, we saw a flock of wild turkeys and some skittish deer.  The loons sang us a goodbye.

When I had previously called to make reservations at this Harvest Host site, the owner couldn’t have been nicer.  They are only open on the weekends for wine-tastings, but said we could certainly park in his parking lot during the week.  He said if he wasn’t in, he would leave us some wine in a cooler on the porch to taste and/or to buy.   It turns out he was here at the farm, so he did a tasting for us, and we bought one of his cold-weather grape dry reds.  The house where we tasted the wine used to be a granary that he had moved here.  He left, and told us to make ourselves at home. 

The grounds are beautiful

We sat in one of the garden areas, built a fire, and sipped on some wine.  Our appetizer was snow peas dipped in hummus (made by our daughter’s boyfriend).  The pheasants were honking in the fields next to us. 

DINNER:  “Everything but the kitchen sink” vegetable and meat melange.  Needing to use some of the CSA vegetables that our daughter had given us plus the zucchini my friend gave us, I chopped lots of veg and sauteed together – onion, garlic,  bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, summer squash, and cauliflower.  I added some pieces of leftover grilled steak.  I made a cheese sauce and stirred it all together. Topped it off with kale pesto. It was so fresh and good.  And……now I have more room in the refrigerator! 

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