Quiet Day On The Lake

LOCATION:  Near Valley City, North Dakota
CAMPGROUND:  East Ashtabula Lake Army Corps of Engineers
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 78.  Kind of funny – there is a heat warning out for this county at 78! 

Our campground is primitive – just pit toilets.  However, there is another COE campground just across the lake, with flush toilets and showers.  We went over there to use their facilities.  Kind of a toss-up about which campground is better.  They have the facilities, but with that, there are more people, especially noisy children.  Our campground has only beautiful scenery and views – plus we have it to ourselves!  

Even though it is sparsely populated here, there are still signs about masks and social distancing.  I thought this was cute – instructing people to keep a fishing pole-length apart (about 6 feet).  Fishermen can relate to that!

We walked over to the bar/restaurant/bait and tackle shop/liquor store/convenience store/boat dock across the lake to check it out for lunch.  We heard the regulars ordering lunch without even looking at the menu.  We decided just to get a beer as everything was fried.  We wonder what a fried burrito is? 

George puttered around all afternoon, working on Joy’s back camera.  It is affixed to the back of the Airstream so we can see what is behind us when we are driving.  Condensation has crept in,  making the image blurry and cloudy.  He took it all apart, used my hair dryer to dry it up well, then put it back together with silicone.  We hope that will do the trick.  Meanwhile…..I read a book and enjoyed the beauty of the lake.

Since the restaurant (etc)  across the lake has wifi, we walked over there again for happy hour and to use their wifi.   It was hopping! 

On our way back, I took this photo of our campsite — you can kind of see a shiny spot across the water….that is Joy. 

DINNER:  George built another great fire.  We cooked some really good weiners on the fire, and I sauted some cabbage with red onions inside for a side dish.  We ate at the picnic table, with a gorgeous view and a very pleasant breeze coming off the water. 

BOOK:  “An Incomplete Revenge” by Jacqueline Winspear.  I started and finished the book this afternoon!  It is part of a series I read on and off about a female British detective in the early 1900s.  4 stars out of 5.

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