A rendezvous with Texas friends

LOCATION:  Columbia Falls, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Mountain View RV Park
WEATHER:  Hot again.  High 100

We took another hike this morning, before it got too hot.  It was my kind of trail – ascending to start, then descending on the way back, when we were hotter and more tired. 

Today’s 3-mile  trail was categorized as “easy”.  Ha!  It must be the thin/fit young people jogging along the trail that provide these designations!  We were rewarded by a beautiful view of one of the mountain lakes at the end.

This photo popped up on Facebook as a memory from 3 years ago.  We started with a housesitting assignment in Washington state, parked our Airstream and truck, and then flew to Asia for assignments in Singapore and Thailand.  We added a week of vacation in Thailand before returning to the US where we picked up the Airstream again, and completed this adventure with an assignment in Boise.  What great memories!  I sure hope we can start doing that again soon. 

We took a drive around the Whitefish Lake and mountain area.  Wow -so many mansions.  There is a lot of money here.  Summer sports are big now on the lake, and it gets even busier in the winter with lots of ski slopes and resorts.    We drove up Big Mountain where houses have gorgeous views of Whitefish Lake below.

Montana really takes the pandemic seriously.  I have seen 100% compliance with masks and social-distancing.  They don’t want to lose their tourist industry.  A little humor…

No brewpub for us today for lunch as we were meeting up with a couple from Retama Village – where we have our tiny house in South Texas.  They are camping nearby and recommended a BBQ restaurant for an early dinner.  It was great to see them, and we hope to get together with them later in the week again.

George and I shared the BBQ rib sampler.  3 kinds of ribs plus beans, cole slaw, potatoes, and Indian fry bread.  Yikes!  We took home a lot of leftovers!

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