Living on the 19th hole…

LOCATION:  Libby, Montana in far western part of state – near Idaho border
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site – Cabinet Mountain Golf Course.  We were the only ones in a large parking lot.  Easy to park.   Bar/grill and toilets!
WEATHER:  Cool in AM; High 88
DRIVE:  3.5 hours

We awoke at the Harvest Host Silver Knot Wedding Venue to the calls of peacocks.  Apparently, a neighbor had raised them, and when he died the peacocks fled to the woods and became wild.

George made a tasty and pretty breakfast – French toast with fresh peaches and some homemade strawberry jam.

The Silver Knot owner came by to mow the grass, and then to chat.  She is very welcoming, and works very hard to keep the place looking spectacular.

The neigbor came over in his 4X4 to check on things.  He and George hit it off well – they both like to talk.  He is building his own private golf course for his own use and for the Silver Knot wedding guests.  He took us on a tour of his property, including this golf hole next to Joy…

His course leads down to a spring-fed stream…


We packed up and headed north and west.  Our drive took us back the way we had come, along the Flathead Lake shore.  It is a windy, narrow, 2-lane highway.  At one point, a car 3 in front of us made a last-minute decision, hitting his brakes, and turning into one of the many Flathead cherry stands.  Everyone slammed on the brakes.    We almost had a smash-up.  (Did I mention who was driving!) 

We drove through beautiful pine forests, and hardly any towns, arriving in Libby around 4:00.

We have stayed in about 40 Harvest Host sites since joining in 2017.  Most of the sites are wineries, breweries, organic farms, and museums. Recently I upgraded to include the golf package for a very small fee.  This adds a lot of options for places to stay.  So, tonight was our first golf course.  We had the place to ourselves, parking next to the 18th hole.  Most of them don’t care if you golf or not.

Wanting to support the golf course, we had drinks and watched the golfers from the patio.  It is a busy little course. George chatted with some fellow golfers (haha)…

DINNER:  Smoked trout.  Delicious! I wish I could say that it is some that George caught, but it is one that I bought at a farmers’ market.  Side was a combo of rice, eggplant, zucchini, and sun-dried tomatoes.  Yum!

BOOK:  “Cilka’s Journey” by Heather Morris.  This is a sequel to her book “The Tattooist of Auschwitz”.  Loosely based on true stories, it traces the life of poor Cilka after she survived Aushwitz, only to be sent to a Siberian prison work camp.  5 stars out of 5

Once the golfers left, the deer had the run of the golf course.  We watched them frolick around.  So nice and peaceful.

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