Missoula Saturday Fun

LOCATION:  Missoula, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Jim and Mary’s RV Park
WEATHER:  Cool all morning.  Warming to 90 in late PM

We found the Missoula Saturday Farmers’ Market in a historic part of downtown.  We bought lots of veg, had a breakfast sandwich, and scored by finding fresh huckleberries.  Yay!

This RV park is just about the prettiest we have ever stayed in.  This is the office…

Flower beds dot the park.

Most sites, including ours, have nice shady trees.

I spent some time using the RV park’s wifi by planning our route and stays after we leave here.  A bit worrisome is Labor Day weekend – will need to get that locked in soon.

While I was doing that, George enjoyed puttering around.  He did some hitch repairs.  He is always happy doing things like this…

Then, back to town to check off another one of the 11 local greweries off our list.  This one is called the Great Burn, named after the many fires they have here.  We have been lucky this year not to encounter fires or smoke. 

DINNER:  Really spectacular — I had watched a TV cooking show with Nick Stollino where he prepared his “famous” authentic Italian meatballs.  I decided to make them tonight.  I used his online recipe (below) but I could not find veal.  Grocers told me they couldn’t get it due to Covid.  Not sure how Covid would affect veal distribution?  It really turned out well.  I baked some take&bake ciabatta bread, and since I had the oven going, I roasted some sweet corn we bought at the farmers’ market.

Meatballs cooking on the propane grill…

Finished product…

And here is the “borrowed” recipe….

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