Fun on the Farm

LOCATION:  Freedom, Idaho.  About 60 miles south of Jackson, Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host location called K Lazy M Ranch.  A small farm with mules, vegetables, beehives, fruit, and hayfields.  In the Star Valley.  Lovely and perfectly quiet.  5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Same pattern – cold (40s) in the early morning, warming to 92
DRIVE:  1 hour

Without electricity, we haven’t turned on any heat lately.  So it is pretty chilly when we get up in the mornings.  We jump into long pants and layers of shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets.  As the day warms up, we start to peel off layers until we are in shorts and t-shirts.  I just love weather like this!

We hung around our beautiful campground until we had to check out at noon.  The host had someone lined up to snag our spot as soon as we left.  Since we had such a short drive today, we stopped at a pullout on the lake for a leisurely picnic lunch and a book.

Dispersed camping along the river and lake and in the forrests is very popular here.  You can just park your RV on any public land.  This group had made a circle, like conastoga wagons, right on the beach. 

This Harvest Host farm is lovely.  The farmer welcomed us and we easily got parked, thanks to their helpful signage…

He showed us his beehives that they use to make honey. 

We are right next to his 7 mules.  He told us that he takes them to his second farm, close to Jackson, in the winter and uses them as pack mules when he takes tourists out on trips.  From the elk and bighorn sheep skulls on the barn, we assume that the tourist trips are for hunters.

The farmer’s wife must be at their second farm, but she had encouraged us to check out her little farm shed.   We bought homemade sourdough bread, her homemade kraut, grass-fed beef hamburger,  and snow peas. 

She won a barn quilt contest, using the same pattern that her 80-year-old mother had made years ago.

The afternoon became quite warm, so we sat in Joy’s shadow, reading and enjoying the view.    Very relaxing.

DINNER:  Not wanting to cook much due to the heat, I made an Italian easy dish – pasta with cannelini beans with some parmesan and cream cheese.  Side was a huge arugula and perfectly ripe tomato salad. 

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