A Sunday hike and a beer!

LOCATION:  Alpine, Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  Wapiti Village RV Park
WEATHER:  Cold in morning and overnight. Hot – to 90 in the afternoon

George cooked his customary Sunday morning breakfast, but this time he substituted a grain blend instead of grits (since he couldn’t find any here).  It tasted like farina, which I don’t like.  I guess he will be eating the rest of the package by himself.

Then we were off for our morning hike.  We found a recommended trail online (we use alltrails.com).  It looked daunting – an elevation rise from 6000 to 9000 feet, but we thought we would give it a try.  Wrong!   It soon turned super steep – straight up.  At one point, George had to push my rear end from behind so I could keep going.  Then, I had to crawl.  To make matters worse, the narrow, rocky trail was tilted toward a sheer drop-off.  I said that this was no fun and we turned around. 

At the bottom, we found another trail, this one with a more sensible incline.  It seems like overnight the fall colors have started to pop.  I noticed lots of trees starting to turn.

This trail followed a bubbling stream.  At one point, we had to ford it to cross over to the other side.

I made it without getting my shoes wet!

George got thirsty and sipped from the stream.  He said it was cold and clear.

We didn’t make it to the top as the trail sort of petered out.  So – back to the brewery for a late lunch.  We ordered their super-sized pretzel.  It came with some melted cheese sauce and fiery mustard.  Really tasty!

We talked to some locals who recommended that we go to a town called Pinedale.  This sounded intriguing as we had been re-thinking our route.  We had originally planned to go back north on the Idaho side of the Tetons and then cross back over to the Grand Teton National Pass over the 13,000 foot Teton Pass.  However, rain which will turn to ice and snow up there, and cold temps – in the 20s are predicted. 

So, when we got back to the RV park, I arranged for us to stay tomorrow night at the Pinedale Golf Course – free – through Harvest Hosts. 

Since it is supposed to get really cold tonight and tomorrow, George did the prep work for our departure – filled our fresh water tank, dumped the  grey and black tanks, and inflated the tires.  We are set for more dry-camping!

He then got another great fire going for cooking dinner.

DINNER:  YUM!!  What a treat with products from the Harvest Hosts farms where we have been staying. We grilled lamb burgers (lamb from farm #1)  in our iron skillet over the fire.  I placed the burgers on toasted sour dough bread (bread from farm #2) and topped them with feta cheese.  For a side, I sauteed onions and mushrooms, and at the last minute, to avoid overcooking, added snow peas (from farm #2).  All a real treat!

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