LOCATION:  Pinedale, Wyoming in southwest part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site — Rendezvous Meadows Golf Course.  In their parking lot, on the far side next to a stream.  Very nice clubhouse with excellent restaurant and friendly people.  Another 5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Warm and sunny before the bad weather.  High 78
DRIVE:  3 hours

We took our time at the Alpine RV park with one last shower and one last load of laundry, then we headed east.  It was another scenic highway, following the Hoback River.  Very nice.  Another episode of almost running out of gas, though.  You would think we would learn!

We arrived in Pinedale in mid-afternoon, and with no rush to get to the golf course, stopped at their downtown brewpub.  It was hopping – all young people, in excellent physical condition, basking in the sun after their morning hikes. Funny story….  George wandered away and I couldn’t find him.  As I was searching among the crowd, one young man pointed George out to me.  It was pretty obvious that he was the one I was looking for, since he and I were the only old fogies there!

We found our golf course – very pretty.  We are at 7200 feet here in the Wind River Mountain Range. 

George went in to watch golf at the clubhouse while I read in the late afternoon, then we went in for dinner.  I wasn’t expecting much, but the food was outstanding.  I noticed they had a grow-light set up for growing herbs, so I ordered bruschetta and watched the chef pluck the basil for it. 

George ordered a reuben sandwich and said it was the best one he has ever eaten.

We had a view of the golf course and watched a herd of pronghorns (antelope) zip back and forth between the greens.  Beautiful!

This photo popped up as a Facebook memory today.  Four years ago, our daughter Alexis and her S.O. joined us in England for a long-boat ride on the Oxford Canal.  Great memories!

Tonight a cold front is coming in and temperatures are supposed to plummet – highs around 30 tomorrow with snow and a “wintry mix”. 

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