Hunkered down during the cold

LOCATION:  Rock Springs, Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  Rock Springs/Green River KOA
WEATHER:  Dreary with more snow overnight.  High 40; low 27

We spent most of the day hunkered down in the Airstream.  It was interesting to watch a lot of RVs leave the KOA in the early AM – after they had sought shelter here for the night.  The winds have calmed down and I think the roads are fairly cleared. We are lucky to be flexible.  There isn’t any place around here with nice weather until Friday or so, so we might as well shelter here in the meantime. 

Joy got a bit of a dusting overnight…

We are using a combination of electric heat-pump (in the warmer part of the day) and propane furnace overnight.  We are using our fresh water instead of using a hose to the water supply (which could easily freeze) – so everything is good.

At some point, we need to refill our propane tank, but I don’t think we will be doing that today as the KOA tanks are covered with snow…

Around noon, the weather warmed up enough so that George could unhook us. We drove downtown to explore and to have a nice lunch in a brewpub.  Handy!

I found a beauty shop and got a much-needed hair trim.

DINNER:  Once again, I used the oven to cook dinner.  It provides comfy warmth.  Sort of a German theme – leftover ribs that I chopped up and baked with homemade sauerkraut that we had purchased at a Harvest Host site, along with toasted homemade sourdough bread from that same Harvest Host farm.  We paired it with an Ockotberfest beer from Missoula, Montana.


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