Back to REAL camping

LOCATION:  Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.  20 miles south of Rock Springs, Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  Firehole Canyon – National Forest Service.  Surrounded by unique rock formations and a view of the reservoir.  Paved sites with great shelter with picnic table.  Great firepit.  Surprise – flush toilets and hot showers.  No water or electricity.  Dump station.  $11/night with senior pass.  5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Sunshine again!!! High 70.  Low 38
DRIVE:  1 hour

We joined many other RVs, all in a parade leaving the KOA with a fairly early start.  Our destination was this recreation area near Rock Springs that we had heard about. 

It is a “first come – first served” campground.  Even though it is Friday, it was practically empty – due to its remoteness and the fact that we are beyond Labor Day.  YAY! 

The geography is very interesting.  It almost looks like Texas – very barren with sage bush. 

The storm we drove through a few days ago hit here, too.  There were a lot of trees that had blown down.  The trees are Russian olive trees, but look and burn like mesquite. 

The sites are a bit different….each one has two camper slots with two shelters.  Not really wanting to share a site with anyone else, we selected a site that had a tree down on one half.

We got busy sawing dead limbs from the tree down at our site.  We got enough for a fire tonight and tomorrow night.

We took a 2.5 mile hike around the lake.  We saw a lot of deer or elk prints and holes that honey badgers had dug.  We spotted the 3 resident deer who live in the campground. 

I started the day with 4 layers of long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts.  By midafternoon, I was down to one t-shirt!  Amazing how it is warm but there are still bits of snow. (George is still wearing his much beloved long johns!) 

I threw this snowball at George!

After relaxing in the afternoon, we built a fire in our firepit, and enjoyed some peanuts and a beer while gazing at the dramatic landscape. 

This is the view from our campsite mid-afternoon…

Then, the same view around sunset….

DINNER:  Spaghetti and meatball.  Using the last of my world- famous Nick Stellino meatballs (which I had frozen), I baked it with cooked pasta, onions, mushrooms, and garlic.  I topped with mozerella and parmesan.  I added a few dollops of pesto, since I don’t have any basil.  As the evening was cooling off, I baked in in the oven to add warmth to Joy.  Side was a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and baby spinach.  Nice!

BOOK:  “Melancholy Baby” by Robert Parker. Since we don’t have electricity, my tablet (with my e-books) is running low on battery, so I read this paperback that I had picked up along the way.  Typical Parker, this detective story grabs you and is an easy read.  3 stars out of 5.

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