A trip around Flaming Gorge

LOCATION:  Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.  SW Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Firehole Canyon
WEATHER:  Cold during the night – 40s, warming to 78

At the recommendation of our camp host, we took a long road-trip all around the Flaming Gorge Reservoir – about 200 miles.  The scenery is truly breathtaking.

We followed it south into Utah where the dam is.

Then, west through a high dessert – about 8000 feet.  The landscape changed from sagebrush to pine trees, then back to sagebrush.  Millions of years ago this was all underwater and you can see striations on the sides of the mountains.  They have found a lot of dinosaur bones here.  This reminded us a lot of the Grand Canyon, and indeed on the Wyoming side they call it Wyoming’s Grand Canyon

Then, we turned (via several hairpin curves) north and continued to follow the reservoir.  Passing back to Wyoming, the scenery became very bleak. 

Needing some wifi and gas, we stopped in the town of Green River.  We happened upon a street festival there.  Their “castle rock” looms over the city.  I wouldn’t want to live right under it.

We stopped at their very nice library and used their internet.  Very friendly.  This is the view outside the front door of the library.

Then, we finished the loop going a bit south, back to our campground.  Our campground is just under this ridge…

George made a great campfire with the branches we had cuta yesterday.  First, to get the fire really roaring, he cooked some bacon.  He does this every so often, then keeps the cooked bacon in the refrig, and warms it up when he wants a BLT for lunch or bacon for breakfast.

Then, he grilled a HUGE shirt steak that we had purchased from one of the Harvest Host farms where we spent last week..  We will have leftovers for months!  Side was sauteed summer squash from the farmers’ market.

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