On to Minnesota!

LOCATION:  Luverne, Minnesota in SW part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Take 16 Brewery through Harvest Host.  In their event center parking lot.  Downtown Luverne, but very little street noise.  Great beer.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Crisp and cool.  High 65.  Windy in PM
DRIVE:  30 minutes

Since we only had a very short drive to our next stop, we spent most of the day at the Big Sioux Recreation Area where we were camped the last 2 nights.  Check-out was not until 4:00 – how convenient! 

George spent the day doing odd jobs.  He fixed the condensation problem we have had with our rearview video camera.  While he did that, I took several hikes around the park.  I just can’t get enough of the lovely autumn weather and colors. 

One of the trails follows a well-maintained  disk golf course.

I checked out this old homestead log cabin built in 1869 that has been preserved in the park.  Some Norwegians homesteaded here, and raised a family of 8!

After a 30-minute drive, we crossed the border from South Dakota back to good old Minnesota, my favorite state.  We got parked easily and went in to enjoy a comfortable brewery and to sip on their beers.  Last year when we were traveling through this area, we stopped here and I recommended the brewery as a Harvest Host site.  When they joined, I received a nice referral bonus! 

The brewery is named after Route 16, a historic highway that crossed from Yellowstone to Detroit.  George got our growler filled up with one of their IPAs.

DINNER:  We walked a few blocks to a very nice downtown bistro for dinner.  We shared their special – Wednesday Wings.  It was a very nice atmosphere, and they were doing a great business – somewhat surprisingly since the town is not that big and it is not the weekend.  Unlike some small towns we pass through, Luverne seems to be thriving well. 

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