Through the hinterland to Hinterland!

LOCATION:  Clara City, Minnesota – in west central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Hinterland Vineyards and Winery, through Harvest Hosts.  In a beautiful peaceful setting.  In the farm/barn area parking.  Literally right in the vineyards  Lovely tasting room/restaurant.  5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Windy again.  High 50.  Mostly cloudy
DRIVE:  3 hours

From our window at the brewery in Luverne, MN, we watched the school children get on the bus.  In typical Minnesota fashion, even with temps in the 30s, the kids were hopping on the bus in t-shirts and shorts.  They are hardy here! 

We walked around Luverne, where we spent last night at the brewery.  It is obvious that the residents take pride in their town.  We walked through a new park/sports center, and then when it started spitting rain, returned to Joy to hit the road.

We are in middle of rich farm country.  Black soil.  The soy bean and corn fields go on and on.  Now, evereything is golden.  Some fields have been harvested.  Many farmers are out busily harvesting.

We pulled in to Hinterland in mid-afternoon and got settled. 

We are literally an arms-length from the vineyards.

It is a beautiful setting.

We did a wine-tasting in the late afternoon in their cozy tasting room.  We found a dry red that we liked and bought a bottle for the road.  Then, we returned for dinner.  We had a charcuterie platter and then an Italian flatbread.  Of course, we had a bottle of their red to wash it down with!

The winery owners sat at a table next to us and we chatted with them.  They have one part of the vineyards left to harvest and he said he would get up early tomorrow to pick the grapes, as it is supposed to get to below freezing one night soon. 

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