In full autumn splendor

LOCATION:  Outside of Duluth, Minnesota – in NE part of state
CAMPGROUND:  We have rented a cabin for the week
WEATHER:  Smashing!  High 68..  Sunny.  Pure autumn!
DRIVE:  4 hours

The three of us to managed to sleep pretty well inside Joy at the Harvest Host brewery.  Here is daughter Alexis enjoying her morning coffee.

Our drive today took us through lots of farm land – full of cows, corn, and soybeans.  Very pretty.

We arrived at our cabin mid-afternoon.  Alexis had found this on AirB&B.  It is a beautiful log cabin tucked in the woods.  First, George got Joy parked under the maple trees, in their autumn splendor

The cabin is huge – so far we have found 6 bedrooms.  The kitchen is well-stocked.  We unloaded all of food.  Between Alexis’s CSA that she brought and the veg that we have been picking, we have a lot of food to go through.  We may have guests this weekend, so I am planning menus to use it up.

We enjoyed a beer on the deck.  We will get this fire pit going later in the week.

Then, we hiked around the yard.  We are right on a lake.  The fall leaves are everywhere!

Cute, little chipmunks are running around everywhere.

We may take out a canoe later in the week.

The sunset was very nice. 

Then, George got a roaring fire going in the living room fireplace.

DINNER:  Green chili stew.  I made it with a sauce that I have only found in south Texas.  I kept it vegan (for Alexis) using fake beef and chicken.  It is yummy.  Lots of leftovers for Alexis to take home.

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