The Beauty of Retama Village

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot!  High 88

STEPS:  12,311
CLASSES:  2 water aerobics

Our community really is beautiful and many residents have green thumbs..  Today for our morning walk, we walked a bit around our community before heading out around the hayfields. 

This neighbor is especially talented with gardening. 

I don’t know the name of this tree, but it has beautiful flowers..

There are many different styles of homes here, which is nice.  All are stucco, so that gives the community some unity.  This patio home was built while we were away this summer.  When you enter the front gate, you are in a covered area, then into a huge open courtyard/patio. This patio has an outdoor kitchen, 3 TVs, and a bar.  From there, you enter the main house.  It is very nice.

We also have some nice green space which is maintained by a yard service.  They do a nice job. 

Today’s excitement was laundry….:-(  Sometimes I think it would be nice to have our own washer and dryer, but generally we are happy with the openness the house has without the machines.  (The space is better utilized as a bar and wine rack!) 

DINNER:  Homemade broccoli cheese soup with homemade croutons.  Nothing too special, but different. 

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