A fishy sort of day

LOCATION:  Rockport, Texas  on the Texas Gulf Coast
CAMPGROUND:  Bay View RV Resort.  A huge RV park.  Strangely not paved, so very dusty.  About 80% of the RVs are seasonal/permanent so it is cluttered.  Full hook-ups.  2 swimming pools.  Bathroom is inside clubhouse.  Haven’t found a shower yet!  No picnic table or fire pit.  Cable TV, but no PBS.  Very poor wifi.  $45/night.  Sand spurs all over!  2 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 80.  Cool evenings

George got up early to go fishing on Lake Corpus Christi, where we spent last night.  The fishing pier on the lake is quite nice.  He recruited our friend Rob to accompany him.

Rob’s wife Irene and I met up with them later at the pier.  On our way, we saw a bunch of deer.  Then, a turtle in the lake, followed by this heron and egret.  Lovely

Here are the fishermen….

Trix, their dog, was excited about the fishing, too.

Then….George caught one!  It is a drum.  He had not taken his bucket with him, as he didn’t think he would catch any fish, so I had to carry the fish back to our campsite (with my finger stuck in its gills) to place in a bucket of water.

We had only a 1-hour drive, straight east, to get to Rockport.  Our friends drive a motorhome and pull a jeep behind it.  They followed us.  Once we arrived at the park, they told us they watched another car almost rear-end us.  Guess who was driving?  This happened at the entrance of the RV park.  Apparently, a reckless driver who was in a hurry passed our friends on the right, then swerved back in the left lane, not realizing I was there and was getting ready to make a left lane into the park.  The guy had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting us. 

We got settled in and took a walk around part of the RV park.  George and Rob spent some time on the internet researching possible guided fishing trips for tomorrow. 

Then, we all went to a great seafood restaurant.  They spread the (few) customers around inside, tent, and roof-top seating areas.  The evening was cool and pleasant so we sat on the roof-top. 

We started with oysters on the half shell.  I haven’t had these in a long time, and they were great.  They come right from the Gulf here.

We shared a blackened amber jack fish dinner.  It came with shrimp gumbo as a starter, rice, and steamed vegetables.  Excellent!

The dock was busy with commercial boats getting ready to go out early in the morning. 

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