Harvest Host #61!

LOCATION:  Port Lavaca, Texas – east central part of state near Gulf of Mexico
CAMPGROUND:  Our 61st Harvest Host site!  Rusty Hook Winery.  We are in a big field behind the winery, adjacent to farm land.  Fairly basic but nice and peaceful.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny and hot – 82.  A nice breeze in the evening.

We dithered around the RV park at Rockport, after our customary Sunday morning grits and eggs, accompanied by “CBS Sunday Morning”. 

I may downgrade my rating of the Rockport RV park from 2 to 1.  While we were there, part of the Airstream’s electricity would not work – the microwave, TV, and some outlets.  We assumed that some fuse had blown, but we couldn’t figure out the exact issue.  George experimented this morning by replacing the 50-amp electricity cord with the 30-amp cord, and voila’!   – things started working again.  The problem was not with Joy, our Airstream, but with the electricity hook-up.  (The power stand looked like it been backed into). 

We took off about noon as we only had a one-hour drive today, pretty much straight north.  We stopped at a roadside park for a picnic lunch.  We passed several car convoys, heading south ….several sets of a car pulling a beat-up car, pulling another beat-up car.  These cars are destined to have a second life in Mexico. 

Once we got set up in the winery, parking under the lone shade tree, we unhooked and went into the town of Port Lavaca to meet up with our friends Irene and Rob.  They are staying at a KOA north of the town as they are not Harvest Host members.  We said we would meet in the historic district, thinking it would be like cute Rockport with shops.  We were wrong.  There is nothing to the town.  All boarded up and sad.  We tried to find some coffee shop or wine bar along the seashore, but zip.  We got excited when we found a brewery with a waterfront view, but alas, it was closed on Sundays.  What?

George searched the internet looking for a restaurant/bar with a view and found nothing.  One bar got a 5-star rating.  He read the review:  “Great bar as the beer is cheap and they don’t have as many fights as the other bars in town”.   Wow!  What a glowing report!  As we drove around, we did see one bar that was doing a good business, so we thought we would check it out.  It was a typical Texas dive.  A big sign at the entrance warned about fighting – police would be called and the fighters would be banned permanently from the bar.  They are serious! 

With nothing else to do or see, we decided just to return to the winery.  Rob and Irene came with us and we did a tasting.  We sat out on the patio so that Trix could join us.  The wine was just so-so, but we supported the winery by buying some local salsa and bloody Mary mix from their gift shop.  We always buy something at a Harvest Host (free)  overnight stop. 

The winery closed at 6:00, so it became utterly peaceful.  We sat outside and enjoyed our own beer and wine.

DINNER:  I warmed up some of the beef brisket George had smoked a few weeks ago. I served it with Spanish rice and sauteed mixed vegetables.  This was the evening that our friends had planned to cook dinner, but since we are separated, we will postpone our get-together until tomorrow night when we are back in Retama Village.

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