The leaning tower of…..

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission,  Texas
WEATHER:  Sunny, but didn’t warm up much.  High 58

STEPS:  10,001 (whew!  Just made it!)
CLASSES:  Chair yoga.

On my walk this morning, I came up to a pack of stray/wild dogs..  Darn!  I didn’t have my walking stick with me  today.  I picked up a few rocks in case they approached me.  One looked at me menacingly, but they were more interested in chasing the birds.  I got away from them as fast as I could.

George kept busy most of the day making a wine rack to go under the beer refrigerator we recently got (free).  He went to the RV park next door to use their woodshop.  It is a great set-up.

An electricity company worker came to look at our electric box/transformer.  He said it is not leaning enough to warrant leveling.  He said that most of the ones like this throughout the city are leaning, too.  So, we have to give up.  George put the temporary fence he made back around it to hide it somewhat.

I taught Spanish again today.  The classes run about one hour.   I think the students are feeling more confident now, and are putting nice sentences together.  I am trying to make it practical for them, enough to get around our area with people who don’t speak English.

I had submitted a maintenance request regarding the cold water in the swimming pool.  We swimmers don’t think the heater is working right.  Meanwhile, this morning I saw the pool guy and approached him to ask him myself to check out the heater.  He backed off, saying “No hablo ingles”  (I don’t speak Spanish).  I reassured him that I can speak Spanish and asked him to turn up the heat.  We started chatting.  The first thing he said is that he is a legal resident, but didn’t grow up in the USA.  Consequently, he never learned English.  Plus, he is deaf in one year, so it makes learning English more difficult.  Poor guy.  Super polite and helpful.

The highlight of the day was a Zoom chat with our daughter.  She is planning to visit us in February.

DINNER:  I did my own thing tonight, without relying on loverboy Jacques Pepin.  I made a lentil/smoked turkey stew whose recipe I found on the internet.  It was a delicious way to use up leftover smoked turkey from Thanksgiving.  But… I have lots of stew in the freezer! 

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