LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very nice.  Sunny.  High 70

STEPS:  12,497
CLASSES:  Chair yoga and pickleball!

Last year a pickleball court was built in our village.  I’ve been wanting to try it.  Today, a friend asked me if I would like to join her to learn how to play.  Another lady, who is a real pro at it, taught us.  It was a lot of fun.  Of course, I am terrible, but it was good exercise.  I want to learn more….and improve!

Our pansies really are liking this cooler weather. 

Yesterday, for the Spanish class party, I moved the pansies and basil pots and used the stands for drinks and snacks.  It worked out well.

In the late afternoon, we went to some friends’ house for cocktails.  We made (and took) some smoked trout dip and some sangria (to use up some wine that isn’t that great on its own).  They live in a port home and have a beautiful outdoor kitchen and patio.

DINNER:  Leftovers on the menu tonight.  I needed to use up the gyoza filling (from Christmas dinner).  I added some mushrooms, rice,  and onions, and turned it into stir-fried rice.  Now I have more room in the freezer!

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