A foggy day on the Gulf

LOCATION:  Goose Island State Park in east central Texas
WEATHER:  Dreary with drizzle and dense fog.  High 67

We awoke to a foggy but mild morning.  It was good weather for a book.  We walked to the pier to see what the fishermen were bringing in.  One boat just came in having shot their quota of duck for the day.  The bay seems to be full of fishermen pulling up oysters, crabs, and shrimp; fishing; and hunting.  We watched this big bird drying his feathers.  You can see Joy in the background.

We returned to cute Fulton for lunch. We sat in a second story enclosed patio with a view of the dock.  We watched the fishermen haul in their oysters.  They slung about 25 huge bushels of oysters from the boat to the awaiting pallets.  Hard work!

Our lunch was delish……George and I split a dozen raw oysters and a crab sandwich.

Rob and Irene shared a “tower of crab” and said it was terrific.

After lunch, the “boys” met up with the charter boat captain and were off for an afternoon of fishing.  Irene and I did some grocery shopping, then returned to await their arrival.  We were counting on fish for dinner.

Yay!  They did catch some fish – redfish, drum, and sheepshead. 

DINNER:  We grilled the redfish simply – with just salt, pepper, and butter.  Irene brought some steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  I sauteed the rest of some kale, mushrooms, and onions. A healthy and very fresh dinner!

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