On to more fishing towns…

CAMPGROUND:  The Park at Port Mansfield RV Park.  Full hook-ups.  Swimming pool, ok bathrooms, picnic tables.  A bit tight.  Many seasonals – fishermen.  $40/night.  3 stars out of 5

LOCATION:  Port Mansfield, Texas – east central Texas on the Gulf coast

WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 74

The sun came out and it was much prettier than it has been..  The fog has lifted and you can see the bridge from our campsite….

A community with canals leading out to the Gulf is near the campground…

As we left, we saw several airboats come in to the pier, full of duck hunters, dead ducks, and hunting dogs.

We drove about 3 hours south to Port Mansfield.  Its only claim to fame is fishing.  Even though the town is fairly large –  perhaps 1000, there is not much here – no grocery store, gas station, bank, or school.  There is a marina and a few bars.  It is a good thing we went grocery shopping before we left.  There are a LOT of wild (tame) deer that roam the neighborhoods..

After we got settled in, we drove around the town.  We stopped to watch a party boat come in, and the crew cleaning the fish.

The seagulls and pelicans watch anxiously for scraps. 

and Rob got lined up to go fishing again tomorrow.  We will stay here two nights.  Not having any itinerary or obligations, we are thinking about extending our little trip a few more days, perhaps to South Padre Island. 

DINNER:  It was Irene’s turn to cook.  She made some delicious chicken cacciatore. 

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