The big catch!

LOCATION:  Port Mansfield, Texas
WEATHER:   Overcast again.  Very humid.  High 70

George and Rob got up early to meet the charter boat captain and off they went, in search of the “big fish”.

  Luck was with George when he caught this 20-pound 30-inch black drum.

Rob didn’t have such luck, only catching a small fish that he had to throw back.

They finished up about 1:00 and we joined them in town for a seafood lunch.  Drum was on the menu! 

We spent the afternoon relaxing, planning our next road trip,  and walking around the town.

DINNER:  My turn.  We started out with some shrimp cocktail on the picnic table.   We probably should have had the drum for dinner, but we were kind of tired of fish, and I had a refrigerator-ful of chicken to use up.  George grilled the chicken thighs while I made some farro.  It is supposed to be a healthy grain.  Side was a lettuce and tomato salad.  All quite nice.

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