The end of the get-away

LOCATION:  Back in our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot!  High 84.  Hazy

We left our windows open overnight while camping at the beach at South Padre Island.  It was very mild and the breeze was very nice. 

We drove around the town of South Padre showing our friends some of the sand castles.  Many appear to need some touch-ups.  Then, we drove over to Port Isabel, right across the bay, in search of shrimp.  We found a place selling huge ones for $9/pound.  The Glanvilles stocked up.  (We already have a bag in our freezer). 

Then, we headed out towards home. We are about 2 hours from South Padre Island.  It was a (thankfully) uneventful drive. 

Back home, we scurried around all afternoon, moving stuff from Joy to the house, and washing the sand/sea spray off Joy. 

It has been a very nice getaway – 3 nights right on the bay at Goose Island State Park, 2 nights at Port Mansfield for great fishing, and a fun evening/overnight at South Padre Island. We hope to make short trips again in February and March, then head North in April for the spring/summer/fall.

Our back-door neighbors from Ontario have been renting a coach house and had planned to be here this winter.  Alas, they cannot come.  They had stored some of their furniture in the rental house and now the owners have sold the house.  So, we offered to store some of their stuff here until next fall when they will hopefully return.  So, we now have a dining room table and chairs that actually look quite nice. 

We just love the Bernie Sanders photos that have been populating Facebook.  Here is Bernie with the Doctors Mayo at Mayo Clinic in our hometown of Rochester, Minnesota.

Then, Bernie traveled up north to Alberta, Canada to visit my baby cousin (who is not too interested in him)…

DINNER:  A food truck came to Retama Village and we bought some tacos.  Inviting food trucks here is kind of an experiment.  We like to help the local economy as much as we can. This is a pretty safe way to do it.  We brought ours home to eat; some people sat around the clubhouse patio to eat together. 

We watched Rick Steves’ Monday Night Travel podcast.  This time he was island-hopping.  He sipped on lemoncello the entire podcast and appeared a bit tipsy at the end!  I LOVE Rick!

BOOK:  “All The Devils Are Here” by Louise Penny.  She is an excellent author writing about a Chief of Police and his life in the Eastern Townships, outside of Montreal.  5 stars out of 5

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