Not what you would call an athlete….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 70

STEPS:  16,594 (Includes 1.5 hours of pickleball)

I tried pickleball today with a bunch of very good players.  They were very kind to me, letting me hit the ball a second time, etc.  They all gave me pointers and were very patient.  My serves are especially bad!

After that, I got my morning hike in, resulting in a record number of steps!

Sports continued in the afternoon with a rousing game of pool in the clubhouse.  Again, I lost miserably, but had some fun.  George and I played with our friend Rob. 

Danger, danger!  George went to Costco without me.  He ended up with a $200+ bill!!!!!  We are not members but he went with some friends who are.  We now have a freezer full of scallops in addition to a lot of fish and shrimp.  Wine, olives, and mufalleta mix all contributed to the bill.

DINNER:  Grilled shrimp.  I found a recipe that called for marinating them about an hour.  The marinade was garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, olive oil, and parsley.   Then, you cook the shrimp with the marinade in butter.  Serve over pasta.  What is there not to like?  Side was fresh sugar snap peas from our garden supplemented by some frozen regular peas.  Yum

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