An exhausting day!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Windy.  High 69

STEPS:  14,662 (includes 1.5 hours of pickleball)
CLASSES:  Two water aerobics

I gave pickleball another go this morning.  Once in a while I get lucky and hit the ball well.  My serves are the worst.  There were about 15 of us playing.  We rotate around the courts, so everyone teams up with someone different each game.  Somehow, the team I’m on always loses.  Ummmmm…

My late morning hike followed pickleball.  After the hike, I was really pooped! 

But no rest for the weary….time for water aerobics!  At 69 with high winds and clouds, the water temp was not too pleasant.  My friend and I (only the 2 of us swimming) soaked in the hot tub afterwards to warm up our bones.

I just love these Bernie photos.  Hopefully it is a sign that our two political parties can get together and have a laugh together.  This one is a bit more serious….

I drove my neighbor to the McAllen airport (about 10 miles away) to pick up his wife.  She was glad to return from cold/snowy Nebraska.

DINNER:  When George was at Costco yesterday, he bought a rotisserie chicken, as he had read that theirs is supposed to be the best, as well as the biggest for the buck.  Tonight, he grilled it a bit to get grill marks on it.  We ate the legs for dinner and froze the rest.  Sides were hash browns and a spinach/mushroom mix-up.

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