Our daughter arrived!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 80

STEPS:  5322 (Being Sunday, I did not take a hike.  Steps are just from walking around)

After our Sunday morning ritual of CBS Sunday Morning accompanied by grits and eggs, our neighbors suggested that we play pickleball together.  It was to introduce George to the game.  He was better than I am, even without ever having played!  However, he did fall twice while trying to reach the ball so I want him to stick with playing pool and chess.  Safer

We spent the afternoon preparing for our daughter’s arrival.  I did laundry and we moved our stuff from the bedroom and bathroom to the Airstream.    I prepared dinner ahead of time.

We drove over to Harlingen, about an hour away, to pick her up.  In the winter, there is a direct flight from Minneapolis to Harlingen.     It is only a 3-hour flight, so she didn’t have to waste an entire day getting here.  It is great to see her again.  She will be here for 4 days, a nice little respite from cold Minnesota.

DINNER:  My friend Tony’s Greek salad recipe with some Texas Gulf shrimp.  Very tasty.  Since it was late by the time we ate (9:00 PM), the light dinner was perfect. 

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