Day trip to Mexico!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very pleasant and sunny.  High 72

STEPS:  15,900

It is so fun to have our daughter with us.   She accompanied me on my morning hike.  We did some computer stuff (so nice to have a techie wizard daughter) and planned our day. 

We headed toward Nuevo Progreso, Mexico and stopped at Nana’s on the US side for lunch.  It is a lovely outdoor Mexican restaurant.  Very colorful….

Alexis, a vegan, had their vegetarian “lonche”.  George and I shared some beef tacos.  We also had a charred jalapeno.  It was super hot!

We walked across the International Bridge, taking the obligatory photo…

Sadly, as you cross over the bridge and enter the Mexico side, children and women stick out their hands, begging for money.  Now, with Covid, they have improvised by placing plastic jugs to place money in along the fence to avoid human contact. 

We thought you had to have a specific reason to go to Mexico, but no one at the border (either coming or going) asked us anything.  George went to the dentist for a cleaning while Alexis and I did some shopping.  Then, we headed to Poncho’s for a margarita.

Everything was much quieter than usual.  There was no line (like there usually is) to go through immigration back to the USA.

Back home, George got the fire going and cooked up some bacon, just to have on hand.  Once the fire was hot, he made his famous grilled whole cabbage. 

DINNER:  Roasted cabbage.  You take out the core of a head of cabbage and fill it with your favorite BBQd meat filling.  We used fake hamburger, mushrooms, onions, and BBQ sauce.  It cooks about an hour over the fire and gets soft and brown.  Pretty tasty, and unusual. 

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