Enjoying the beauty of South Texas

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 84

STEPS:  12,437

It was a bit chilly when Alexis and I took our morning hike….

After doing financial and computer tasks in the morning, we headed to a little Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurant that someone had recommended to us.  Alexis had a vegetarian appetizer plate and George and I split barbacoa.  The Spanish word sounds like BBQ, but it is more like the overcooked Sunday dinner pot roast that we used to eat as a kid.  Not my cup of tea.

Then, we headed to beautiful Quinta Mazatlan where we visited the original hacienda, then strolled around the gardens.  Lots of photo opps!

Quinta Mazatlan staff were preparing for a Valentine’s celebration.

Once back home, Alexis and George played a few games of pool in the clubhouse, while I prepped dinner…

We bought some fruit from the veg truck that comes to our village weekly.

DINNER: Butternut squash pasta sauce over spinach tagliatele with baked acorn squash as a side.  Seemed very healthy!

We watched the sun set from our driveway. The end of a great day!

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