A very fun day in the Rio Grande Valley

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Another beautiful day.  Sunny.  High 84

STEPS:  11,274

Alexis accompanied me on my morning hike.  This time, there was a bit of excitement…..Border Patrol had just apprehended a group of undocumented young men as we walked by.    They were milling around, getting ready to board the big white school bus that Border Patrol uses….

She was fascinated by this big tumbleweed tumbling along on our hiking path…

The morning was spent on more computer work.  Alexis set up my phone so I can listen to podcasts and oldie tunes while I hike.  We also discussed morbid things like our will, location of important documents, etc.  You never know….

We did laundry while sunbathing at the clubhouse pool and got in a short game of pickleball.  The winds were at gale-force strength so the whiffle ball went flying crazily.

The highlight of the day was a get-together with friends at Loretto’s, our local bistro.  The patio is lovely, and feels safer than sitting inside.  It was picture-perfect weather for Wine Wednesday, when the wines are half off.

Back home, George made a nice fire in the firepit…

DINNER:  I made a Nick Stellino recipe using bell peppers and shrimp.  It turned out great.

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