Last day of our daughter’s visit

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful, but windy.  High 85

STEPS:  15,166

On my morning hike, a friend (former Spanish student) was jogging in the opposite direction. He told me that he had just passed a group of young men. At first, he thought they were Border Patrol, but it turns out that they were undocumented guys. He watched as a vehicle screeched to a halt, loaded the men up, and zoomed away. It was pretty incredible.

We made a tortilla hack for brunch.  Apparently, this is an internet hot item these days.  We followed the YouTube video instructions.  Basically, you start with a tortilla, make one slit for folding, then fill each quadrant with whatever you want. 

Our four quadrants were: 1. plant-based hamburger meat, 2. JustEgg (made from mung bean protein!), 3. sauteed onions, and 4. cheese. 

After you fold it up, you grill it in a panini maker. We used our George Foreman grill that we got years ago for $3.

This is how ours turned out…

This is the internet’s results:

It was a bit messy to eat, but tasty.

We walked around Retama Village one last time together.

Alexis started receiving emails from the airlines saying that her flight was delayed.  The airplane was 3 hours late leaving Minneapolis. We assumed it was due to the Polar Vortex but it turned out they just had to switch out planes in MSP for some reason. So, we enjoyed some additional time with her.  Our last photo….

After we dropped her off at the airport, we headed back to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico again!  George and I disagree about this……He thinks the dentist in Mexico is great (and cheap- 20 or 30 bucks).  I, however, am sticking with the dentist I have had for many years in Minnesota.  After he had his teeth cleaned a few days ago in Mexico, his crown fell out while eating dinner the next day.  So, today he had to go back and have them re-cement the crown.  Still cheaper than going all the way to Minnesota, I guess. While he was doing that, I waited for him with lunch and a margarita at Pancho’s. 

The house seems strangely quiet and empty without Alexis.  We got back to our daily routine in the PM.

She had a rough time getting home. She caught the very last seat on the last shuttle from Minneapolis to Rochester. Then, the bus had to drive slowly due to drifting snow on the highway. Safely home around 9:00 PM.

DINNER:  Using some of the drum that George had caught on the last fishing trip, I made a cauliflower/potato/fish curry.  It was pretty good.

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